PineStreet Assets

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CEO Message

Hwang Woo Gon

Welcome to PineStreet Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“PineStreet Assets”).

PineStreet Assets is a leading asset management company in Korea specializing in infrastructure and real estate finance.PineStreet Assets’ expertise in infrastructure covers a broad range of categories and since being established in 2015, PineStreet Assets has become one of the fastest growing asset management companies in Korea in terms of infrastructure, advising and investing in numerous transactions including highways, tunnels, renewable energy assets and various other types of infrastructure projects.

Faced with a low growth economy yet dynamic and volatile financial markets, through our proprietary investment approach, PineStreet Assets continues to identify and develop attractive domestic and global investment opportunities for our clients. In addition, PineStreet Assets is committed towards advancing the overall infrastructure finance and asset management industry, and we strive to cooperate with various other market participants to maintain a healthy and robust infrastructure finance industry.

Thank you very much.

Torry Woogon Hwang
President & CEO